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Healthy Options at Fast Food

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Is it possible for the word healthy to be put into the same sentence as fast food (as a positive adjective)? For many of us, this will be at most an oxymoron. However, fast food chains themselves are trying their hardest to change their image of those behemoths that contribute to the obesity rate, and instead are trying their best to provide healthy options for the changing tastes of Singaporeans, that now value their health more than anything else.

Watch the above video about some healthy fast foods – while this is not in Singapore, its worth taking a look.

How to eat healthily at Fast Food Chains

With the efforts of these fast food giants in trying to turn over a new leaf, they have presented to their consumers some healthier fast food options to eat. However, are these options indeed ‘healthier’ as they purportedly are? Are consumers who buy these food items just cheating themselves? Let’s find out.

By looking at a study by Huffington Post on Fast Food and nutritional levels, we already know that all fast food chains have lower vegetables, fibre and other nutrients that are essential to the human body. However, lets skim through the many ways you can eat healthier in fast food restaurants in Singapore to become more healthy.


Limit the size and amount of food eaten

Of course, the most important thing is to reduce the amount of oily and unhealthy fast food you eat every time you eat at such restaurants. This is the single best thing you can do if you cannot avoid eating fast food.

Avoid deep fried and salty food

Deep fried foods such as nuggets, fried chicken and fries are definitely no-nos when it comes to losing weight. Also, foods such as fries are very salty and can definitely tip over your body’s need for salt for the day, which will cause your health to deteriorate.

Of course, you should also avoid foods that are lathered and covered with oil, and other sauces that seem very thick. Also, some fast food restaurants also serve salads and corn – however, make sure that you do not take in too much oil or butter or sauces that they provide you with the meal, as tempting as it is.

Eat healthier sidescoleslaw

Instead of filling your stomach with unhealthy side dishes such as fries and onion rings, perhaps it would be better to eat something like mashed potatoes, salad or coleslaw. There may be other dishes that the restaurants may provide. Remember that ice cream is not considered a side dish.

Bring healthy snacks instead

Also, you can bring your own foods to eat at the restaurant. Something better than chips of course – perhaps a nice serving of seaweed or even nuts would be great. Of course, please don’t get caught by any of the staff at the fast food restaurants in case they don’t allow any other types of food to be brought in!

How Unhealthy are Sugary Drinks

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Unhealthy Sugary Drinks

Exactly one year ago, Channel News Asia, a popular and legitimate news channel surveying the region and based in Singapore, was speaking of a sugar tax on sugared drinks. The reason why they did this is because by 2018, Britain itself will be trying to combat childhood obesity and reduce the obesity levels in the people of Britain. These taxes will be imposed on companies that sell sugary drinks.

Focus on Awareness, not Tax

It is true that taxes will definitely help reduce the consumption of sugary drinks. However, increasing costs will not be able to change the behavior of people who are able to afford them. It will not be able to stop people from eating unhealthy food or drinking unhealthy drinks. It won’t stop people from going overseas to eat them either. Also, when the taxes eventually get reduced, the people will start buying the drinks and foods in a frenzy. Similarly, implementing such taxes will cause industries that are dependent on sugar to also be affected as well. It’s not gonna be very nice to see this happening.

Sugar in our local Drinks

Now, i’m sure many of you are acquainted with the sweetness of the drinks that we consume everyday or even have access to at the local kopitiams, or coffee shops. From a Straits Times article, we have actually gathered a small table that highlights how much sugar there is in each of these items:

Drinks Sugar Level 2











drinks sugar level 1










Table and pictures taken from Straits Times

As seen from the pictures above, Grass Jelly with sugar may be the sugared drink with the least teaspoonfuls of sugar. However, even it has at least 2 teaspoons of sugar. That’s extremely unhealthy for anyone who want to drink any of the sugared drinks above. What’s even more scary is that well loved drinks such as horlicks and milo are high in sugar level at 5 tablespoons per serving.

The drinks with the crazier amount of sugar levels would be Coke, Pepsi and Sprite, which are the main drinks that people are upset and angry about and are fighting to reduce. Kids however are easily addicted to them due to the ease of availability of these drinks to them. These drinks are like fast food, high in sugar and are absolutely not good for health at all. It is not wonder that people are trying to tax sugar drinks as they cause so much obesity.

The healthiest Drink

After all, the healthiest drink is always water. Water is always the best thing to drink rather than other sugared drinks. Even drinks such as vitamin water are sugared. Water is always the best thing to consume whenever you are thirsty.

However, what about your daily sugar fix? It is easy to obtain your necessary daily sugars or munch on something sweet with whole fruits that are chopped. Never drink fruit juices that you can obtain from the supermarkets, as these are also treated and may include sugars that can also harm the body and health.

Collection of Unhealthiest Foods in Singapore

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Unhealthy Hawker Foods in Singapore

Hi everyone, I’d like to refer to this old post done by ladyironchef about unhealthy hawker foods. Hawker culture is part of Singapore’s very vibrant food culture and it is very difficult to take this away from the locals. However, for those that really want to lose weight or gain that extra body for their beach runs, getting far far away from these foods is a must.

Note: Some pictures from below are borrowed from other blogs and sites.

In the meantime, do take a look at this video about weird types of hawker foods in Singapore 😉


Oh yes, satay is one of the most delicious foods in hawker centers that you can eat. If you head down to Newton Food Center, the famous hawker center has many different stalls selling this grilled delicious meat-on-a-stick combination that are always packed full of customers. However, as with many great tasting foods, this comes at a price – the food is often salty, oily and downright unhealthy. Bad for you!

Satay in Singapore

Fried Carrot Cake

This hawker dish is one of my favourites, as it is part of my childhood. I remember my grandmother going down to the stalls almost every morning to get be a nice delicious packet of fried carrot cakes. Fried carrot cakes come in either a white variant or a black variant, where the black variant comes as a sweet black sauce. With this sauce, the carrot cakes are even more delicious, however they become more unhealthy. Shame on you (and me) for eating these almost every day! One can say that this is one of the more traditional and most common foods you can find in any hawker center in Singapore.

carrot cake singapore

Picture taken from

Chwee Kueh

chwee kuehChwee Kueh is a special kind of dish that you can only find in Singapore or this region. Its basically flour that is baked and topped with a nice serving of what we would call ‘Cai Por’, or vinegared and sour radish and vegetables. It is very delicious – however, there is so much oil used in this dish that it has some many calories itself.




Mee Goreng

Ah, fried yellow noodles with egg, and cooked with tomato and chilli sauce. It is another malay delicacy in this part of the world. However, with anything fried, this comes at a cost of being at a whopping 500calories for a modest serving. Try to avoid this food as much as possible, and the others in this post, for that matter.


Laksa is famous as being one of the national dishes of Singapore. These are noodles with prawns, fish cakes and sometimes with toppings of ‘ham’ or cockles in the bowl. These are simmered in a bowl of piping hot coconut soup, which is both hot and spicy. While this is another national delicacy, it is actually dangerous to eat much of this as one serving is already 591 calories itself.


Chicken Rice

One cannot avoid talking about chicken rice when you talk about hawker food. But did you know that each serving of chicken rice causes you to gain 607 calories per serving? Now, as Singapore’s national dish, would you want to try this out, again?

All about Fast food and Poor Nutrition.

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Fast foods are very often associated with junk food, poor nutrition: what are the effects, the health consequences of fast food?

Despite the dietary needs, different from the age and activity of people, the fast food is a vast expanse of homogeneity.
Whether you are a child, teenager, adult, elderly, sick or healthy, active or sedentary, pregnant, etc.
The famous hamburger – fries is the basis of all meals in fast food.
For a few years, appeared a few salads, chicken, fish for a new variety.

The fast food is in general:

Too high in fat.
Too rich in sugar and salt.
Too rich in chemicals.
Poor in vegetable fiber.
Poor in vitamins.

Take for example the typical menu: hamburger, fries, coca-cola and ketchup.

This type of diet contains only 3 flavors out of 6: sweet, salty and acid.
Meat, bread and soda are sweet; The fries are salty and the vinegar of the ketchup is acid.

This type of food is so appreciated by Westerners as it helps to calm emotional problems such as stress.

But this food is not good for health because it is unbalanced and difficult to digest (3 flavors only). Us Asian people are also not traditionally used to eating such foods.

The effects of this food in the short term:

A lethargy
An avidity.

And light drinks like soda or coca contain aspartame.

Fat is represented by saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt are refined.

Some chemicals sometimes include acrylamide in chips and chips.
This non-food substance is known to be cancerous.
Beef tallow, dextrose and gluten are also found in French fries.

Many chemical additives are also present, not to mention GM vegetables in many countries (maize, soybeans, etc.)

The whole thing raises the Radical Free (RL) in the blood.
Free radicals are an index of inflammation and aging of cells.
One study showed that an hour after a meal in a fastfood, there was a 125% increase in RL in the blood, 175% 2 hours after, 138% 3 hours after.

It has been recognized that meat accounts for 70% of all food poisoning associated with fast foods.

The potential dangers of fast food restaurants in the longer term:

Heart disease.
Arterial hypertension.
Some cancers such as prostate, pancreas, ovaries, breasts, uterus, lungs, intestines.
Diabetes, especially fat.
Phenomenon of obesity.
Disorders of the gall bladder.

Some facts about obesity:

In America, it is almost 1 in 4 people.
In Britain, 1 in 40 women is obese.
More than half of adults are too big and 30% of them are obese in Europe.

Does fast food represent a danger to our health?

The paradox of fast food is that it has bad image but is experiencing a real success.
Today, fast food is a lifestyle: people who are in a hurry and do not want to waste time cooking.

“The sandwiches that these types of restaurants offer are far too rich in sugars and fats” explains a nutritionist.