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Collection of Unhealthiest Foods in Singapore

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Unhealthy Hawker Foods in Singapore

Hi everyone, I’d like to refer to this old post done by ladyironchef about unhealthy hawker foods. Hawker culture is part of Singapore’s very vibrant food culture and it is very difficult to take this away from the locals. However, for those that really want to lose weight or gain that extra body for their beach runs, getting far far away from these foods is a must.

Note: Some pictures from below are borrowed from other blogs and sites.

In the meantime, do take a look at this video about weird types of hawker foods in Singapore 😉


Oh yes, satay is one of the most delicious foods in hawker centers that you can eat. If you head down to Newton Food Center, the famous hawker center has many different stalls selling this grilled delicious meat-on-a-stick combination that are always packed full of customers. However, as with many great tasting foods, this comes at a price – the food is often salty, oily and downright unhealthy. Bad for you!

Satay in Singapore

Fried Carrot Cake

This hawker dish is one of my favourites, as it is part of my childhood. I remember my grandmother going down to the stalls almost every morning to get be a nice delicious packet of fried carrot cakes. Fried carrot cakes come in either a white variant or a black variant, where the black variant comes as a sweet black sauce. With this sauce, the carrot cakes are even more delicious, however they become more unhealthy. Shame on you (and me) for eating these almost every day! One can say that this is one of the more traditional and most common foods you can find in any hawker center in Singapore.

carrot cake singapore

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Chwee Kueh

chwee kuehChwee Kueh is a special kind of dish that you can only find in Singapore or this region. Its basically flour that is baked and topped with a nice serving of what we would call ‘Cai Por’, or vinegared and sour radish and vegetables. It is very delicious – however, there is so much oil used in this dish that it has some many calories itself.




Mee Goreng

Ah, fried yellow noodles with egg, and cooked with tomato and chilli sauce. It is another malay delicacy in this part of the world. However, with anything fried, this comes at a cost of being at a whopping 500calories for a modest serving. Try to avoid this food as much as possible, and the others in this post, for that matter.


Laksa is famous as being one of the national dishes of Singapore. These are noodles with prawns, fish cakes and sometimes with toppings of ‘ham’ or cockles in the bowl. These are simmered in a bowl of piping hot coconut soup, which is both hot and spicy. While this is another national delicacy, it is actually dangerous to eat much of this as one serving is already 591 calories itself.


Chicken Rice

One cannot avoid talking about chicken rice when you talk about hawker food. But did you know that each serving of chicken rice causes you to gain 607 calories per serving? Now, as Singapore’s national dish, would you want to try this out, again?