How Unhealthy are Sugary Drinks

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Unhealthy Sugary Drinks

Exactly one year ago, Channel News Asia, a popular and legitimate news channel surveying the region and based in Singapore, was speaking of a sugar tax on sugared drinks. The reason why they did this is because by 2018, Britain itself will be trying to combat childhood obesity and reduce the obesity levels in the people of Britain. These taxes will be imposed on companies that sell sugary drinks.

Focus on Awareness, not Tax

It is true that taxes will definitely help reduce the consumption of sugary drinks. However, increasing costs will not be able to change the behavior of people who are able to afford them. It will not be able to stop people from eating unhealthy food or drinking unhealthy drinks. It won’t stop people from going overseas to eat them either. Also, when the taxes eventually get reduced, the people will start buying the drinks and foods in a frenzy. Similarly, implementing such taxes will cause industries that are dependent on sugar to also be affected as well. It’s not gonna be very nice to see this happening.

Sugar in our local Drinks

Now, i’m sure many of you are acquainted with the sweetness of the drinks that we consume everyday or even have access to at the local kopitiams, or coffee shops. From a Straits Times article, we have actually gathered a small table that highlights how much sugar there is in each of these items:

Drinks Sugar Level 2











drinks sugar level 1










Table and pictures taken from Straits Times

As seen from the pictures above, Grass Jelly with sugar may be the sugared drink with the least teaspoonfuls of sugar. However, even it has at least 2 teaspoons of sugar. That’s extremely unhealthy for anyone who want to drink any of the sugared drinks above. What’s even more scary is that well loved drinks such as horlicks and milo are high in sugar level at 5 tablespoons per serving.

The drinks with the crazier amount of sugar levels would be Coke, Pepsi and Sprite, which are the main drinks that people are upset and angry about and are fighting to reduce. Kids however are easily addicted to them due to the ease of availability of these drinks to them. These drinks are like fast food, high in sugar and are absolutely not good for health at all. It is not wonder that people are trying to tax sugar drinks as they cause so much obesity.

The healthiest Drink

After all, the healthiest drink is always water. Water is always the best thing to drink rather than other sugared drinks. Even drinks such as vitamin water are sugared. Water is always the best thing to consume whenever you are thirsty.

However, what about your daily sugar fix? It is easy to obtain your necessary daily sugars or munch on something sweet with whole fruits that are chopped. Never drink fruit juices that you can obtain from the supermarkets, as these are also treated and may include sugars that can also harm the body and health.

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